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SCRIM - Data Analysis

Roles: Cartographer, Data analyst

Employer: Opus International Consulting - Auckland Motorways Alliance

From: 2010 to 2012

Description :

Surfacing planning is a major activity for Highway Assets Management companies in term of material cost, work planning, traffic management and users safety. The highway surface wear-out is annually surveyed using SCRIM technology. A truck records 10 meters average measurements of surface roughness. Analyzing over-years-data changes and predicting future surfacing material needs is a major asset for cost optimization and maintenance-planning. However, comparing 10 meters linear-data over-years changes on the extend of the highway is challenging. The method I developed allowed to improve trust in data results, providing accurate surface roughness changes from 2008 to 2012.

Achievements :

  • Improving comparison methodology by using Linear Referencing System in line with GPS data location
  • Displaying results on the company web mapping application, along with historical former operations

Technical environment :

  • ArcGIS Desktop
  • Python