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European Train Control System (ETCS)

Roles: Documentation, Project Manager, Systems Architect

Employer: Capgemini

From: 2017 to 2017

Description :

ETCS project aims to standardise european train signalization system in order to allow transborder traffic. As part of this project, a data quality management program as been implemented in France to provide 3D-centimetric-precision topologic network, supplying train driving intelligence system with infrastructure data. Two parallel chains of data acquisition were implemented in order to ensure data consitency, one based on ArcGIS-Oracle software packages and a second one based on QGIS-PostgreSQL software package. Assuming the application-manager responsability for the QGIS-PostgreSQL chain, I leaded a team of six persons and managed, and delivered, as a team, a high quality software within a stress-deadline context.

Achievements :

  • Manage a team of six persons
  • Implementing full open-source architecture
  • Respecting stress-deadline schedules

Technical environment :

  • Displaz
  • PostgreSQL - PostGIS
  • Python
  • QGIS