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Urban Planning Spatial Analysis

Roles: Cartographer, Data analyst

Employer: Territoires Sites & Cit├ęs

From: 2009 to 2010

Description :

The quantity and diversity of data makes it difficult to make sense of it by just reading information on top of each other. Multivariate statistical methods allows to analyze data correlation in order to create simplified and understandable models of the real world. Combining statistics with GIS is very powerful, it allows to classify territories according multiple data correlation similarity.

Achievements :

  • Simultaneous use of ArcGIS Network Analyst and ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, in order to build relevant dataset that reflects time access from residential areas to activity centers
  • Combining Principal-Component-Analyze and Hierarchical-Ascending-Classification statistical analysis to build relevant land-classification models

Technical environment :

  • ArcGIS Desktop
  • XLStat