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Highways Web Mapping

Roles: Programmer, Systems Architect

Employer: Opus International Consulting - Auckland Motorways Alliance

From: 2009 to 2012

Description :

Responsible for maintaining company's GIS environment, I managed ArcGIS Server migration from v.9.2 to v.10.1 and upgraded the web mapping application based on ArcGIS Viewer for Flex. As a junior developer, I simplified application's user interface, while developing additional features. I also enhanced user experience, by providing intuitive control features, such as a sliding-button-bar table-of-content. Finally, I improved the overall look of the application by updating map-services symbology.

Achievements :

  • Increase performance in managing client-server environment
  • Raising skills in developing webmapping applications
  • Enhance user experience by providing intuitive interface

Technical environment :

  • ArcGIS Server
  • Flex
  • Microsoft SQL Server