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E&P Petroleum Web Mapping

Roles: Documentation, Programmer, Systems Architect

Employer: Capgemini

From: 2013 to 2014

Description :

This project aimed to provide users with a web mapping application to access geographic information stored both in Schlumberger company's database and LiveLink document center. The main challenge was to connect existing interfaces and linking them together. I joined the project team as a GIS architect during the initial phase.

Achievements :

  • Designing the technical solution in response to the invitation to tender
  • Understanding Schlumberger data model for the conception of SQL queries
  • Implementing ArcGIS Rest services on Schlumberger environment
  • Delivering the project, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction to our client.

Technical environment :

  • ArcGIS Server
  • Flex
  • Java
  • Oracle Spatial
  • Python
  • Schlumberger