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FTTH Web Schematics

Roles: Programmer, Systems Architect

Employer: AGH Consulting - Orange Fiber Engineering Department

From: 2018

Description :

This project started as a proof of concept in order to provide interactive-schematic view of FTTH network. Client's information system provides unfriendly user-interfaces to interact with data, which constists in browsing from parent object to children, displaying on object at the time. The FTTH Schematics projects allow to see the network as a whole while accessing data by clicking on objects through an intuitive interface. It is based on Cytoscape.js API and uses advanced networking capabilities.

Achievements :

  • Provide solutions to get-around information system limiations
  • Developing web-schematics mobile application based on open source frameworks

Technical environment :

  • Cytoscape.js
  • HTML5 - JavaScript
  • Jinja2
  • Python